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Hey everyone! I'm Jen Farrer. I’m a small town Georgia indie dyer, podcaster and dog mom with big dreams! Obsessed with: knitting, puppies, coffee & being outdoors. 

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Most days you can find me dyeing yarn or in front of my computer with a cup of coffee near by and a pup on my lap.

I am mostly know for being an enthusiastic knitter… seriously! I knit 13 sweaters in 2018 and I have plans to knit even more garments in 2019! People ofter refers to me as a yarn stylist because I am meticulous about getting all of those little skeins just right. 

I love sharing my knitting knowledge on my vlog, Knit in the Zone where I talk about best knitting practices, trending projects and tips I have learned over the years. Be sure to check it out & subscribe at YouTube.com/KnitintheZone

I am really passionate about taking care of my pups, Azabella and Osker. I have had them both since they were a few weeks old and over the past 14 years they have developed special needs. I want them to have the best life possible. I am so glad my job enables me to take them for walks more often and just be here for them. They are my best friends!

When I’m not busy you can find me dancing, hula hooping or relaxing on my patio with my pups.  When the weather won’t permit you can find me snuggled up watching TV, also with my pups.  I really enjoy watching knitting channels on youtube and a few shows on Netflix, like The Crown & Gilmore Girls. 

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